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About 4orMore

South-Asians have come a long way in America.

But our participation lags in elections.

Friends amplify their votes by inviting friends to commit to vote using 4orMore

One person can build a network of 87,000 in just 8 cycles!.

An ambivalent voter who commits to a friend is three times more likely to vote

How It Works

Uses WhatsApp - no app installation needed.

Talk to your friends about 4orMore.
Get them to commit to join 4orMore and vote early
Encourage them to invite their friends to join 4orMore

Forward the enrollment message from 4orMore to your friend

Your friend follows simple WhatsApp exchange with 4orMore to enroll

4orMore helps you with the voting process to ensure your vote is counted including useful information specific to your state & location.

Designed with privacy in mind - no spamming


Increase South Asian participation in the upcoming election.

Especially in the battleground states and for key senate and house races.

Help Biden-Harris win with a favorable house and senate.

Quickly build a large network of South Asians committed to vote

Provide assistance with the voting process

Easy to use, intuitive

Training sessions available plus help on your fingertips


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Mobile/cell number allows text communication between you and 4orMore.
We do not ask your name or email address to protect your privacy

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4orMore uses an intuitive, simple WhatsApp interface to help you make sure your vote is counted and to amplify your vote.